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11 Annoying Problems Technology Should Have Fixed By Now

Technology is great except for when it’s not at all.

1. When you can’t find the remote control.

2. When you send two text messages but the second one gets delivered before the first one for some reason.

3. Any and all programs that do not, in the year of our lord, 2016, have an autosave feature.

4. When the GPS does not understand your accent.

5. When you run out of storage.

6. Connectivity problems.

7. When a streaming program asks if you’re still watching.

8. When you can’t correct typos in published posts.

9. When the “sync” feature doesn’t do its ONE job.

10. When autocorrect doesn’t ducking work.

11. And when your phone just doesn’t have a signal even though it should.

Technology has clearly been slacking, but at least Sky Q has stepped up to solve the biggest problems in television.

Sky Q lets you record and store more of your favourite shows, and its remote locator means you won’t ever lose the remote in your couch again. Sky Q also lets you watch shows from your main box, even recordings, on any screen in your house without having to connect your box to your dish – no mess, no fuss. You can even download recordings to your devices and watch them anywhere, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi. Crises averted.