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12 Woes Every Sports Fan Faces When They Move Cities

"Let me root, root, root for the home team...from, you know, a different city." Don't miss out on home-team cheer just because you're miles away. Join the fun with your friends by using Skype.

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1. First off, your game-day jersey makes you stick out like a cat in a pile of ducklings.

2. It's impossible to find a bar that will show your game.

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Your's is a cat team living in a dog teams world.

3. You have to deal with local news reporters blatantly supporting other teams. / Via


4. Your co-workers take some sick pleasure in taunting you about your team's losses.

5. You know your chances to run into your sport hero on the street are so slim.

6. You have to pay crazy amounts of money to see your team when they're in town.

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7. But you don't know enough people to get into fun shenanigans like you would at home.

8. And the kiss cam in the visitors section gets weird.

9. People have covered up your team decals with ridiculous things.

10. Your fight song is useless if you have to sing it under your breath.

And you know it.

11. You only ever get to show off your sweet body paint in your living room.

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12. But, no matter where you're living, you still can't wait to watch the game.

Hate not watching the games with your friends back home? Skype can connect you so you can cheer together!

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