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12 Struggles Every Songwriter Knows To Be True

Music + Lyrics + Endless Frustration = Love. And with Skype, you can make some beautiful music at your next jam sesh (no matter where you are).

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1. Feeling like you need to know everything about music and the English language.


✓ Melody

✓ Harmony

✓ Theory

✓ Arranging

✓ Genre

✓ Performance

✓ Rhyme scheme

✓ Song form

✓ Lyrical prose

✓ Storytelling

✓ Character voice

✓ Tense

...basically, all the things.

10. THIS:

Beautiful day...time to spend it locked inside a windowless studio recording music. Goodbye sunshine, hello productivity

Jamming sometime soon? Let Skype bring it all together!

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