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11 Reasons Why An Open-Office Floor Plan Ruins Your Life

So hip, so modern, so loud. You may not be able to escape your job, but you can escape the office. With Skype, working remotely has never been easier.

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1. Every call becomes a conference call.

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Things your desk mates know: when your prescription is ready, how upset you are with a vendor, and how much drama your significant other is currently causing.

2. There's no escaping that obnoxious co-worker.

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Some people are just born 10 decibels louder than everyone else.

3. Everyone knows what's on your screen at all times.

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Prepare to be publicly shamed into working at every second of every day.

4. Headphones are necessary to focus.

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πŸ“’ The πŸ“’ noise πŸ“’ is πŸ“’ constant πŸ“’

5. If you want to have a private chat, the breakout rooms can be just as public.


6. Similarly, you'll see people having meetings without you (and feel left out!).


πŸ˜‘ Why is everyone doing work without me? πŸ˜‘

7. There's one person who 🎢 loves 🎢 their tunes.

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8. If you buy something, everyone knows about it.

I shop online. No hating. πŸ’
Henry Burrows (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: foilman

I shop online. No hating. πŸ’

9. You can't escape your co-worker's lunch.

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10. And if they get sick, well, you're probably next.

Nope. 😷
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Nope. 😷

11. Basically, there's no escaping people ever ever ever.

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At least with Skype, working remotely has never been easier.

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