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12 Films For Kids That Are Actually Brilliant For Adults

Sometimes you're forced to watch what the kids want. But with Sky Movies, that's no problem. Here's a list of movies that'll keep you and the kids entertained this Easter.

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1. The Lego Movie

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Quite possibly the funniest movie in the list. If The Incredibles was heavy with jokes, The Lego Movie vacuum-packs the funnies to fit a few dozen more in there. A no-brainer for kids (who doesn't like Lego?), it's also riotous good fun for the rest: a nonstop skeleton ride of subtle physical humour, genuine threat (THEY NEARLY CRASH INTO THE SUN! THANKS FOR NOTHING, BATMAN) and Batman. Did we mention Lego Batman is in this? A hilarious Lego Batman who says things like, "If this relationship is going to work out between us, I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it. I will text you." He's the hero we need right now.

2. Jumanji

TriStar Pictures

The late, great Robin Williams was out in his finest form in the brilliantly creepy action-adventure that sent many a kid packing with dreams of monkey brothers and spooky games. At its core, it's a heart-warming tale of modern familial bonds but it's also a chance to watch insane set-pieces like that bit where chimpanzees steal a police car and character actor supremo Jonathan Hyde trying to right order armed with nothing but a mad 'tache and an ancient rifle.

3. The Incredibles

Walt Disney Pictures

Pixar know how to stuff the jokes in. Cram them in. Like, The Incredibles is simply *overflowing* with gags that're broad and silly enough for the kids and sharp enough for the parents. It's also got Samuel L. Jackson as a bloke who shoots ice and Edna 'E' Mode – a blatant Anna Wintour rip-off with sass positively oozing from every barbed quote and one of the best characters they've ever created, dahhhhling.

4. The Karate Kid (1984)

Columbia Pictures

We don't know when you last watched The Karate Kid – the original fly-chopsticking, fun-as-hell kick 'em up starring Ralph Maccio – but we just want you to know it really holds up. Let your kids revel in the basics of an ancient martial art while you bask in the very important rivalry between Daniel-san and the Cobra Kai. Those darn Cobra Kai, with their "mercy is for the weak" platitudes... *searches eBay for a sweet black karate gi*

5. Gremlins

Warner Bros. / Via

Spooky Chinatown opening? Check. Furry puppet alien things that cause mayhem? Check. Phoebe Cates? Check and check. The cult horror-com was supposed to skew towards the younger audiences (those mogwai were darn cute after all) but this remains a firm favourite amongst the grown-ups – the unrestrained carnage meted out by maniac mogwai and geeky in-jokes like the destruction of the cinema Marty McFly crashes into in Back to the Future.

6. Toy Story (all of them)

Buena Vista Pictures

Quite possibly the greatest story ever told is about toys who come alive when you're not looking. In lesser hands, that could be quite creepy, but Pixar nail the humour, heart, and relatability into one mega-box-office gumbo that'll leave nippers enthralled and, likely, their parents in floods of tears. PLUS, SLINKY HAS THE COOLEST VOICE OF ALL TIME. PROPS, JIM VARNEY.

7. The Goonies

Warner Bros.

This movie had it all: treasure, a young Josh Brolin, mad kids, a pirate called One-Eyed Willy. A movie that's impact has endured from generation to generation, being lovingly passed on by giddy parents to their in-need children. Oh and the Truffle Shuffle. It gave us the Truffle Shuffle.

8. How To Train Your Dragon 2

Dreamworks Animation

Nominated for an Oscar, featuring a veritable buffet of class voice-acting talent and featuring an old Viking town called Berk (lol), HTTYD2 is definitely one for all of the family. Plus y'know, IT'S A MOVIE ABOUT ADORABLE CARTOON DRAGONS AND DRAGONS ARE THE COOLEST CREATURES IN ALL OF EVERYTHING.

9. Hook

TriStar Pictures

It's Robin Williams again as the kid who never grew up, giving only more reason for adults who don't want to do the same. Peter Pan's now a lawyer, forced to confront how annoyingly obnoxious all of the precocious kids are in Neverland and must become one of them to overthrow Captain Hook, played by Dustin Hoffman. DUSTIN HOFFMAN. The "insults at the dinner table" scene remains one of modern cinema's high-water marks.

10. Finding Nemo

Pixar Animation Studios

If Nemo and his father were real, this whole story would've been very different – when male clown fish lose their partners, they assume the role as female, and the next of kin (i.e. Nemo) becomes their partner. Nature is weird. Anyway, all of that doesn't detract from another Pixar 10/10 smash with surfer turtles, crazed Aussie sharks, and terrifying children who just want to love their pet fishies to death. P.S. He loves bubbles.

11. Cool Runnings

Buena Vista Pictures

A cult classic based on a true story about a Jamaican bobsleigh team aided by the much-missed John Candy, kids will get behind the scrappy underdog story and dads will happily lap up the lucky eggs and the world-class japery. Plus Sanka is probably up there with the greatest comedy characters of our time. Or of any time, for that matter.

12. Home Alone

20th Century Fox

Has there ever been a better Christmas movie? No. The answer is "no". The movie that made Macaulay Culkin into a megastar and featured a hot-off-Goodfellas Joe Pesci is ultra-violent, ultra-sweet, and instantly iconic.

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