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    11 Self Defense Tips That Will Make You Feel Safer Walking Alone

    "It doesn't matter what size you are as long as you know what to do and how to use leverage."

    The thought of being attacked is terrifying. However, being prepared could save your life. We met with Nelson Nio (founder of SHIELD Women's Self Defense System) to learn simple self defense tips every woman should know.

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    1. Be aware of your surroundings.

    Most attackers look for a target who is not paying attention; either on their phone or with headphones on. When you're walking alone, stay alert and aware.

    2. Use your core and stay low.

    When it comes to physically defending yourself, remember to stay low and grounded. Always lock in your core and avoid flailing your arms around.

    3. Know where to hit.

    Aim for the groin and these sensitive areas first. Anytime you can impair the attacker's vision will help buy you time to escape.

    4. What to do if someone points a gun at you:

    Never agree to go somewhere with an attacker even if they pull out a gun and threaten you. In that situation, turn around and immediately run zig-zag while screaming as loud as you can. Whenever you can run, DO.

    5. What to do if someone grabs your arm:

    # Grab your fist with your opposite hand.

    # Point your elbow upwards.

    # Strike downwards and away from attacker using your core strength.

    6. What to do if someone tries to choke you:

    # Lift your arm straight up.

    # Turn your whole body to the opposite side.

    # Crunch downwards to trap attacker's hand.

    # Hike an elbow up and strike your elbow to your attacker's face.

    7. What to do if you're grabbed from behind:

    # Lock your core and pull yourself in towards the attacker.

    # Swing your hips to one side.

    # Make a fist and strike the groin as hard as you can to to three times.

    # Pivot to face the attacker.

    # Interlock your hands behind attacker's neck.

    # Knee upwards at the groin.

    8. What to do if your hair is grabbed:

    # Place both hands on top of your attacker's hands behind your head.

    # Tuck your elbows in by your ears to protect your face.

    # Step back with the outside foot and go underneath attacker's arm and up and around.

    # Twist the arm.

    # Push arm forward and up to dislocate the shoulder.

    9. Your voice is a weapon.

    If someone comes at you, you still have the chance to get them to back off before they attack. If someone comes at you, step backwards into an athletic stance and scream "BACK OFF!" from deep within your belly. The voice is one of our natural defense mechanisms and can be used to let someone know they better not try and mess with you.

    10. Run when you can.

    You do not need to know how to do these moves perfectly, all you need is enough time to run away. These self defense moves will give you the few extra seconds you need to escape. As soon as you have an opportunity to run away, run for your life and scream as loud as you possibly can.

    11. When you fight back, commit and do not stop.

    If you must fight, the most important thing is to commit to it. Once you throw that first hit, you have to keep going as hard as you can. Let your adrenaline take over and become the aggressor.