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DIY Drive-In Movie Cars

Enjoy amazing movies in your own DIY Drive In Cinema


1 large strong cardboard box (our dimensions were 40X40X60) + more cardboard for accessories.

Pen and ruler.

Paints (red, white, yellow and black)

Sharp scissors or craft knife

All Purpose Glue (Or velcro if you have some)

Coloured Card

Strong Sticky Tape. We used duct tape.

Paper Plates


1. Draw a design for the general shape of the car on the box and cut to size.

2. Using leftover cardboard, add a windscreen, cutting down to fit if necessary.

3. Tape the windscreen into place. Add a spoiler to the back of the car in the same way.

4. Paint the whole box red, if using duct tape, you might need to give it a few coats to fully cover it up.

5. Paint a thick black border on to 4 paper plates to make the edge of the wheels. 6. Once dry, glue on some circular rims using cut-out red card.

7. Attach the wheels to the car by using glue.

8. Using the leftover cardboard. Create sturdy decorations. Lightning decal, eyes and smile, 95 side number and customised license plate etc.

9. Attach decorations using velcro or glue.

10. Put a pillow in the box if you need to and enjoy a drive-in movie experience at home!