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Cardboard Puppet Cinema

Turn amazing movies into a fun puppet show!


1 Large Cardboard Box (our box was 40 X 40 X 60cm) + More cardboard to decorate

Battery powered LED fairy lights

Paint of your choice.

Black Acrylic Paint (this works as a quick substitute for chalkboard paint)


Colouring Pens


Craft Knife

All Purpose Glue

Coloured Card

Sticky Tape

lollipop sticks or paper straws


1. Draw the locations and dimensions for the stage window, back door and facade.

2. Cut out the shapes. The facade can be cut from the flaps on top of the box.

3. Tape the facade up to create the roof and attach a piece of scrap cardboard to seal it. Open the bottom flaps of the box to create more height, using tape to secure it and make it more stable.

4. Poke holes around the stage window to thread the fairly lights through later.

5. Paint the box with the colour of your choice. If you’re using duct tape, you might need to use a few coats over it to fully cover it up.

6. After it’s dry, thread the fairy lights through the holes and securely tape them. The battery pack can be taped to the inside of the box so it can be controlled from the inside.

7. Now add accessories: We made a custom element by making a chalkboard with acrylic paint underneath a ‘now showing sign’

8. Add a handle to the stage door, and dress up the box however your imagination allows - curtains perhaps, roof tiles made from coloured card?

9. Draw, cut out and attach the puppets to the lollipop sticks or paper straws

10. Put on a show before the show!