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10 Things You Need To Do To Get A Summer Body

With summer right around the corner you are probably freaking out about how pale and lumpy you have become this past winter. Follow these 10 steps and you should be looking perfect in that swimsuit this year.

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10. Find something that motivates you

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Motivation is key to continue any diet or workout plan. Youtube and Pinterest can be great at motivational quotes and workouts.

9. Portion control!

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Dont stress eat. Or bored eat. Eat when your hungry and stop when you are full.

8. Do something that makes you sweat for at least 45 minutes a day

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Want to lose that muffin top and/or those love handles. Then get sweating! Sweat is the tears of fat. Go to the gym, play volleyball or do a Youtube workout at home.

7. Wake up early to go for a morning run

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Studies show that waking up early and starting your day with exercise along with a healthy breakfast is a great way to start getting in shape. So when that alarm goes off you better get up. You can cry, but you better be running while you are crying.

6. Learn how to use a tanning booth

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It is important to have a tan before summer even begins. You never know when that first beach trip is going to pop up.

5. Limit yourself to one cheat day per week

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It can be hard to quit junk food cold turkey. That is why it is better to have a cheat day once per week. But make sure every day doesn't turn in to a cheat day.

4. Make a workout schedule so you don't end up going to the gym just on Mondays

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We all hate those people who only go to the gym in January and then gives up by February. So don't be that person who only goes on Monday and Tuesday and then fizzle outs the rest of the week.

3. Don't be offended if nobody notices you losing weight

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Losing weight can be hard and time consuming. Your friends and family might not notice the 3 pounds you've lost but do not be discouraged! Keep going!

2. Get a workout group together


Nothing is more motivating then having your best buds at your side. You will be more likely to workout and workout longer if you are doing it with people who are in just as much pain as you are

1. Don't be upset when everyone around you is eating junk food when you told them you are on a diet

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You may be on a diet, but that doesn't mean everyone around you is too. The way to handle this is to suffer in silence.

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