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    • sknyjohn

      (The 2nd?) Max’s was also a seminal punk rock club that closed c.1982, the Palladium was for many years a 3,000(?)-seat theater which in the 70s & early 80s hosted pre-punk rock, punk rock (& “new wave”), & post-punk rock shows before it was a dance club, the Knitting Factory was originally on Houston St. near Elizabeth or something, the Ritz moved into the old Studio 54 space in the early 90s for a time, The Electric Circus was, in the 80s & 90s, a hangout for recovering drug addicts, in the 80s the Fillmore was a hot, trendy, sort-of underground nightclub called the Saint, & Danceteria also had a short-lived run somewhere in the east 30s (?) in the early 90s with none of the street cred it had on 21st St. in the 80s.

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