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    I'm Sorry But Pam From "The Office" Was Criminally Amazing, And No, I Will Not Accept Otherwise

    Don't sleep on my girl Pam!

    1. She's so sweet, everyone wants to be her mom!

    Left side: Pam's mom from Season smiling 1, Right side: Pam's mom from later seasons looking behind her

    2. She has the prettiest art of all the art.

    Michael looks at Pam's watercolor paintings on the wall while Pam looks at him

    3. She knows how to take a hit and keep on moving.

    4. She's brave, but not stupid.

    Pam about to walk across the hot coals.

    5. She is realistic.

    6. She knows how to have fun.

    Close-up of Pam speaking into a microphone. Caption: "And I feel God in this Chili's tonight."

    7. She is a true friend.

    Dwight and Pam sitting by each other and smirking.

    8. She puts up with some major bull when it comes to her marriage.

    9. She has had a MAJOR glow up!

    Pam from Season 1 (left) and Pam from Season 9 (right).

    10. Pobody's Nerfect!

    Close-up of Pam saying "No, it's a jokey saying. Pobody's nerfect?"