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20 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Been Posted On Tumblr

Do you know how giraffes are weighed?

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1. This customer at the bank who has no time for tomfoolery.

2. This person who probs drank a little too much last night.

3. This answer to a very important question.

4. This beautiful poetry.

5. This amazing paparazzi shot that gives a whole new meaning to a catch phrase.

6. These astounding coincidences.

7. This spot-on analysis of J. Law's body guard.

8. This tactful solution.

9. This goose who has found its destiny.

10. When someone pointed out the range of Hugh Jackman.

11. This important observation.

12. The best product of photoshop, probably ever.

13. This baby who is very confused by tunnels.

14. This epic Twitter response.

15. The mystifying background of this TV scene.

16. This existential YouTube comment.

17. This unearthed truth.

18. This astute point.

19. This GIF that has never described life so perfectly.

20. And this dog who will not accept apology pancakes.

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