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4 Reasons To Watch MTV's "Finding Carter"

What would you do if you found out you had an entirely different family?

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It's hard to imagine that your life might not really be your life. That's the premise of MTV's latest scripted series "Finding Carter." I'm sure if you watched MTV for even, like, 2 minutes in recent months you've seen a promo (they love airing those promos). And while MTV's shows still come with a stigma of trashy reality TV and ridiculous game shows (what ever happened to "Parental Control" anyway?), this new series proves that the network is slowly moving past it. Here's why you should tune in.

1. Kathryn Prescott (who plays Carter)

Yes, that is the girl from "Skins." But as Carter, she's unforgivingly sassy and at the same time completely broken inside. After taking an illegal joyride on a carousel late at night with friends, the police quickly find out after taking her prints that she isn't actually Carter Stevens but Linden Wilson, a young girl who was kidnapped when she was three years old. Prescott not only makes Carter sympathetic (obviously) but enviable and interesting. Everyone in her new town immediately loves her (including her sister's crush Gabe) and it's easy for us to love her too.

2. The intriguing subplots

Sure, the story obviously centers around Carter trying to deal and fit in with her new family, but there's much more to the show than that. First, Carter's real mother, tough-as-nails Elizabeth, or Detective Wilson as she likes to be called, is having an affair with a fellow detective... who also happens to be Gabe's father. Yes, it sounds very soap opera-y but I have a feeling it's more complicated than that. Second, the dad is a writer famous for penning a heartbreaking memoir about losing his daughter Linden. His agent pesters him to start writing a new book about finding her again in order to pay off some money he owes. Carter asks him not to, but he's started writing anyway. And he even recorded their family therapy session!? See, intriguing.

3. Carter's new friends/siblings

There's Carter's sister Taylor, who's pretty much the opposite of her carefree, outgoing long lost twin. It's hard to know if Taylor has warmed up to Carter yet, but how would you feel if you had to live in this overprotective shadow of the horrible thing that happened to your sister? Or that she kissed the boy you've been crushing on since you were in second grade? The little brother is even better, he's snarky for his age and very observant. I may have teared up during that scene at the hospital where he tells her it's OK if she leaves again, but that she should still call. And then we have her new friends: Gabe, the dreamy golden boy. Ofe, the school bookie who made me laugh every time he was onscreen. And Birds, the quirky artist who lives without parent supervision (what, is this "One Tree Hill" now?). But if there's one thing I love about television shows, it's the ragtag team of friends who are always there to help each other out. And it's always a plus when they're all freakishly attractive.

4. The lurking "Kidnapper Mom"

It's surprisingly hard to know who to root for in this situation. The Kidnapper Mom, who goes by Laurie Stevens, obviously loves Carter very much. She raised Carter to become this lovable free spirit and even risks her life to see her for just a few seconds at the frozen yogurt shop. But then again, the woman kidnapped Carter from her real family. The biggest question this series has to offer is: Why? That's the main reason why I'll be sticking around.

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