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10 Underrated Celebrity Couples

Brad and Angie who?

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1. Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone

Melissa and Ben are both uproariously funny (see: Bridesmaids and What To Expect When You're Expecting, respectively), they have two adorable daughters, and they even work awesomely together (see: Tammy). They make Hollywood seem fit for, well, actual normal people.

2. Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

OK, so the news of their engagement sort of makes them less underrated. But who else knew about them before that? Lady Gaga has said in numerous interviews that Taylor not only accepts but embraces her weirdness, even stating that he's most likely weirder than her. Is that possible? I'm not sure. But they seem like a great match.

3. Emma Roberts & Evan Peters

(Yes, there was that one time Emma Roberts almost got arrested for physically assaulting Evan Peters, but for now we're going to attribute that as an act of passion.) Just by watching their performances in Adult World, it's easy to see why the young couple are head over heels. While that spark was definitely missing during this season of American Horror Story, it's still clear that the two are adorably and happily in love. I mean, just look at that Insta.

4. Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson

Literally during every major music festival, I scour the internet for pictures of these two. They are always so adorable at music festivals. Always. Also, they don't let marriage judge their level of commitment to each other so that's kinda nice.

5. Pete Davidson & Carly Aquilino

The SNL rookie and Girl Code star are my favorite couple to follow on Twitter right now. They trade both compliments and arguments, and they even ask their followers for ideas about date night. Just look at some of the responses Pete retweeted to his question about Fifty Shades of Grey vs. Spongebob for movie night. Coolest couple ever award.

6. Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

They pretty much fell in love instantly and this year for Alicia's birthday, Swizz threw her a surprise birthday party centering around her favorite movie. They also have two adorable young boys. They're just all-around perfect.

7. Miles Teller & Keleigh Sperry

Possibly the most good-looking couple on this list, yes? Yes. The up-and-coming model and the Oscar-winner-in-the-making have been going strong for awhile now, and it's no surprise why. Just go ahead and stalk Keleigh's Instagram photos like I do every day. Not only do her and Miles have glamorous friends, they just legit have the most glamorous life.

8. Amy Poehler & Nick Kroll

Possibly the funniest couple on this list, yes? Yes. It was heartbreaking to read about Amy's divorce from ex-husband Will Arnett in her new book, "Yes, Please," but then I remembered that she's found yet another great match in Nick Kroll (who has an insanely hilarious show on Comedy Central that you're probably not watching).

9. Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde

They're a close second for best-looking couple. And the funniest. Who else loves to find pictures of them at sporting events? They get so into it, it's great. They also just had an adorable baby together and are likely getting married soon. #yas

10. Dylan O'Brien & Britt Robertson

I'll be honest, it's hard to find info on them (just look at that sketch airport photo) so I'm not entirely sure they're still together. Either way, their chemistry is insane in the underrated teen flick The First Time. They also just seem like a very down-to-earth, fun pair to hang around.

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