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    • skipp

      Why isit that when people don’t have something others have those that don’t have always show hate toward those that have. The one thing the Brits don’t have is the freedom Americans have so hatred is going to shine anything that is good looks evil through their eyes. It’s no different then the people here wanting what the Jones have down the street. Teachers stopping tests because it may hurt the feelings of one that gotapoor grade. We are turning America intoaSocialist Government as were prodicted by the Socialist Party in 1963. We have hundreds of Socialist running this government from the Federal to State,and local. Selling out America under other names then Socialist Party or Communist Party. Most people in America wouldn’t vote for either Party if they knew so they run under other Party’s Like Democrats,Republican,and Liberaltarian. Check out Who’s Who in the Socialist Party.You might be shocked to see your Congressmen or Women Senator on Judges in Federal levels making laws forafree country WE THINK! Know what your Party stands for, today it’s NOT the same as your parents thought they were. They are much different today then just 20 years ago. We are being taken over from with in. Check it OUT

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