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The Insider's Guide - The Top 3 Things To Do In London You Won't Find In A Tourist Guide

London is famous enough for everyone to know the obvious things to do, but, what about the less obvious? They tend to be a LOT more enjoyable...

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Can't fit everything you want to do in one day? Check out Covent Garden

Covent Garden / Via

Most 'Things to do in London' guides and the like will give you a long list of attractions, restaurants, bars, entertainment etc. that will take you all over the city. From east end to the west end, and then back and then across the river, and back to the centre. London is a big place - you won't be able to fit it all in.

That's unless you play it smart. Covent Garden, one of the most famous areas in London, allows you to fully experience London all in the same place. It's got bars, it's got restaurants, it's got musicals, it's got street entertainers - I could go on.

Bottom line - don't stress yourself about fitting it all in in one day. Play it smart and go to where everything you need is one place and enjoy your day.

Offbeat venues and hidden gigs

Borderline / Via

Now, we all know about the big hitters on the London music scene - The O2 Brixton Academy, Wembley, Royal Albert Hall, The O2 Academy. Don't get me wrong, these are all great venues, but, you can find these in most cities, right? O2 have at least a couple music venues in every major city, and everywhere has a football stadium.

If you want to experience the REAL London music scene, look no further. The city is riddled with smaller, independent, intimate gig venues. From Borderline (pictured above) to Berwick Street which you'll find pictured on the front of Oasis' Morning Glory album.

And the list doesn't end there - you've got The Dublin Castle, Zigfrid von Underbelly, The Bedford, The 100 Club - the list could go on for a long time. Get a real taste of the London music scene and avoid the mainstream commercial venues.

Go back in time - kind of...

English Heritage / Via

Now, I'd say you were lying if you hadn't thought about going back in time at least a couple of times. Everyone does it. And while the title of this section may be stretching the truth a little, you can experience an older London, if you want.

(Hint: you do want to)

As part of the English Heritage-protected historical society, you'll find Eltham Palace and Apsley House in London. These are two historically significant buildings from the 1470s and 1770s respectively.

Eltham Palace is the largest medieval hall in England, and Apsley House once was the home of the 1st Duke of Wellington. Not too shabby.

There's a lot of history in these buildings that will be sure to give you a good taste of Old London. Great for the tourist or even full-on Londoner who just wants to see a bit more of their fair city.

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