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Finest Of The Fine Dining At Delmonico's Restaurant In NYC

The first fine dining restaurant in the US, Delmonico's Restaurant in NYC has delighted its guests since it first opened in 1837.

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Chunks of sushi-grade, raw tuna is mixed in with creamy avocado and crunchy cucumber in rich soy sauce, and then topped with dollop of sriracha aioli and micro greens in this melange many flavors and textures. Try the tuna poke with puffed rice cracker.


Thought you knew bacons? Well, think again. These thick (...and we mean, THICK) cut bacons are cured with Tonic 01 Aged Maple with a fantastic balance of savory and sweet taste in a single bite.


Prepared steamed or Newberg Style, the 3-pound market lobster is enough to feed two or more. The lobster meat is juicy, flavorful, and succulent, and the dish is served with generous sides of steamed spinach and fingerling potatoes.


Created by Charles Ranhofer in 1867, the Classic Baked Alaska is a true original and a signature dessert at Delmonico's. Underneath the baked meringue is moist walnut cake topped with banana gelato and served with apricot jam.

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