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Enjoy Fine French Cuisine At Bistro Chat Noir, A Neighborhood Gem In The Upper East Side

Located just a few steps away from Central Park in the Upper East Side, Bistro Chat Noir combines the classic and contemporary elements of French culinary styling in an intimate 1939 NYC landmark townhouse setting.

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Cheese Souffle

The Cheese Souffle from Bistro Chat Noir is an absolute must. Made to order (it takes 30 minutes to prepare for the dish), the perfectly cooked souffle -

with crusty exterior and light, airy interior - is made with goat cheese, rosemary, black truffle oil, and thyme. Make a hole in the middle and pour the rich cheese inside for that beautifully moist bite.

Tuna Tartare

While the restaurant has three different tartare, the classic Tuna Tartare is certainly the fan favorite. The fresh, raw tuna sashimi is diced into bite-sized chunks and mixed with crispy sour apple, avocado, jicama, wasabi, cucumber, and tobiko caviar. The appetizer portion is served with a piece of chip and radish, while the entree size also includes salad and fries. Don't forget to try the other two - steak and beet tartare.

Lobster Salad

The Lobster Salad is certainly not shy with its portion. The dish features a whole lobster - with two claws and a tail - atop a bed of farro with mango, cucumber, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, artichoke, arugula, fennel, and tobiko caviar. The salad is tossed with citrus-mango curry dressing.

Roasted Duck Magret

My personal favorite dish of the evening, the Roasted Duck Magret is an absolute perfect. Juicy, tender pieces of medium-rare duck breast is coated in pistachio crumbs, and accompanied by sweet potato purèe, caramelized apple, roasted red cabbage and raisins, and orange slices over blood orange sauce.

Chocolate Souffle

End the dining experience on a sweet note with the Chocolate Souffle. Like its savory counterpart, the Chocolate Souffle takes 30 minutes to prepare. It is served with Creme Anglaise, which is poured over the piping hot, fluffy souffle.

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