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Delight Your Palate With This Dessert Tasting Menu At The Dessert Bar At Patisserie Chanson

The newly-opened Dessert Bar at Patisserie Chanson serves a six-course dessert tasting that includes savory and sweet desserts.

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Dessert Bar at Patisserie Chanson

Chef Rory Macdonald's vision of an underground (literally) space that serves elaborate desserts paired with cocktails became a reality with the opening of the Dessert Bar at Patisserie Chanson. Located on the lower level of the French bakery and cafe in Flatiron, the Dessert Bar delights the patrons' palates with delicate desserts with artistic flair.

The first few courses have more savory notes. Immediately upon seating, you will receive bowls of truffle-infused caramel popcorn and crispy pancetta chips. The Gin & Tonic is the perfect palate cleanser featuring cucumber foam, while the apple puree dessert is paired with as spicy kick of jalapeno. Finally, the moliterno - or Italian goat’s milk cheese - with black truffle is served with warmly-baked grain rolls and wheat cookies.

Start your sweet journey with these first three courses. The EVOO Eucalyptus features a scoop of slightly savory olive oil gelato served atop a bed of eucalyptus, while the Yuzu Honey - as delicious as it is beautiful - highlights dollops of honey from local aviary with yuzu sorbet, yogurt pop rocks, and pavlova. Next up is a playful desert served in a jar of peanut butter, filled with a scoop of gelato and s'mores with freeze-dried raspberry and crunchy peanut granola.

Presented on a brick of pink salt, the Miso Pink Grapefruit is a fantastic melange of sweet and savory. The meringue is torched in front of your eyes and sit atop miso cake. You also get a taste of Chanson's signature black sesame soft serve in a mini chocolate cones with cocoa nibs. The final course is a rich Apple tart with drizzles of alcohol. Still craving sugar? You will be treated to five alcohol-infused gummi bears to cap your fantastic dessert experience.

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