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Cozy, Intimate Wine Bar In East Village Features Delicious, Healthy, And Seasonal Dishes

Nestled in NYC's East Village neighborhood, Ruffian Wine Bar & Chef's Table is an intimate, cozy restaurant that specializes in Southern French cuisine.

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Ruffian Wine Bar & Chef's Table, which opened in Jan. 2016, serves a daily changing menu of local and seasonal ingredients. In addition to specializing in a cuisine that focuses on Southern France and Eastern Europe, Ruffian also features a highly curated wine list from around the world. At this family-owned restaurant, guests can enjoy their food and drinks around the bar while watching the chefs cook and prepare the food right in front of them.

Corn Salad

The perfect dish for the summer, the Corn Salad is made with fresh corn in spicy tomatillo salsa verde with a kick. The salad also includes tomatoes, onions, and asparagus - topped with cilantro.

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