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11 People Who Are Getting Zombified In The Name Of Beauty

American beauty fans already know that Korea is at the forefront of beauty and skin-care innovation. Check out the fun new pore-tightening Zombie Pack and get weird as you get gorgeous.

1. This gal who learned that this mask is serious business:

2. This woman who got in touch with her inner grandma for a minute:

3. This skin-care fan whose gorgeous complexion definitely wasn't scared of this kit:

Before and after the Skin1004 #ZombiePack dried. Definitely an aptly named product. #whatpores

4. This guy who practices good skin care because literally everyone who has skin should practice this:

5. This pamperer who is all about the unconventional spa day:

6. This beauty enthusiast whose baby-soft skin was just a crispy face wash away:

I'm home sick with a cold so I did this K-beauty face mask that makes you look like a zombie. At least my skin is v…

7. This darling who is down with getting zombified again and again:

8. This queen who is completely at peace with the fact that the pursuit of beauty isn't always glamorous:

9. This doodler who has as much fun with the pack as she does the mask:

10. These stunning pals who got ghoulishly glam together:

11. And this supportive boyfriend who was jealous of bae's skin:

@ohkayewhatever I was jealous so I did one of ur fancy face masks, also I think the cat might want to do one too? H…

Softer skin and tighter pores can be all yours with the fun, quirky new mask on the K-Beauty scene: Zombie Pack.

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