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  • Three Reasons Why Daptomycin Just Can’t Do Anything Right

    We all know the feeling of getting acute staph aureus pneumonia and imagining how great it would feel to get a little daptomycin up in our system to clear up that pesky infection. Except it wouldn’t feel great, because Daptomycin, the Charlie Brown of all antibiotics, just can’t seem to come up with the cojones to kill this puny, first-day-of-infections-disease, speeding-up-evolution-by-taking-care-of-the-weak bacteria. Daptomycin is definitely not bringing home any Olympic medals this round, and is almost certainly not going to help you get better. So without further adieu, I bring you the top ten reasons why the Vioxx of the 2010’s should be your last pick for both you and your patients.

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