• SKelvera7

      I think this article is written from a very bias point of view. Here in Europe, we still love international football. Wembley was packed out on Friday to watch England play San Marino, hardly a huge game. The national side is the biggest side you can play for in England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy. You yanks only have to look at the desperation of Becks playing in Italy during of offseason to get a place in the England squad to get an idea.  The Euro’s are on the same scale as the WC, hardly any difference in levels of excitement, so on a two year rotation, if we aren’t playing we are qualifying. Players in the larger teams jump at the chance to play for their country, its a huge honour. A international game, even a friendly garners just as much attention as PL games.  As for the Super League, it already exists its called the Champions League, all the big teams play it in, I can’t think of a single one you would add. The warm up games are all important, they form the team, they establish the manager’s favour, and his job. Games are tepid, as there is nothing to gain by going 100mph, and injuring players during the domestic season is not good. As mentioned the players don’t play together, how to you determine which of the 6-8 possible CB’s plays with less international games, club form with a different partner in a difference defence. Similarly with midfield pairs, strike partnerships.  The issue is timing, how to get all the games in without disrupting the domestic season. The winter break would do wonders for fitness, and moving the AFCON. I imagine those will happen in the future.

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