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Why You Should Not Forget About Cillian Murphy

He's the bestest.

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This movie challenges even the most creative of minds. Danny Boyle's humanitarian sci-fi masterpiece is a must see for everyone who ever dreamed of the stars. Not to mention, he gets in a fist fight with Captain America and that is pretty sexy.


Although he professes a fear of interviews and eschews chat shows, Cillian comes across as an articulate, smart, down-to-earth, progressive person. In 2004, he lent his high profile to Focus Ireland to spotlight the issue of homelessness. Alongside UNICEF Ambassador Stephen Rea and other cast members, he helped raise €100,000 for UNICEF Ireland at the Breakfast on Pluto premiere in Dublin in 2006.


He is humble. He was Claudio in the Bickerstaffe's production of Much Ado About Nothing at the 1998 Kilkenny Arts Festival. Although the production was critically acclaimed, Cillian does not have fond memories of the "love interest" role (he refers to him as "the most boring character in the whole play") and has spoken of wanting to revisit the part.


As Pig, the male lead in this disturbing story of two teens joined in a strange symbiotic relationship, Cillian painted a vivid picture of the lovelorn Pig and his increasingly violent and erratic behavior.

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