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14 Reasons You Should Be Aware Of John Barrowman

John Barrowman might be one of the most unappreciated actors on the planet. Here are a few reasons why you should have heard of him by now.

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John made the final three in casting for Will & Grace back in 1998, though he ultimately lost the part to straight actor Eric McCormack. When John pressed for the reasoning, the producers told him he was (depending on the story) “not gay enough” or “too straight-acting.” He is, of course, an out gay man. @_@


John’s got his own meme, sorta. In December 2009, former Doctor Who star David Tennant was hosting the music quiz show Never Mind the Buzzcocks; he introduced a running gag where he would say an innuendo-laden joke and then shake his fist and yell, “BARROWMAN!” Although the entry has been rejected in the Know Your Meme database, Urban Dictionary approved it.


He was arguably the best part of Mel Brook's 2005 remake of his 1968 musical, The Producers. Acting opposite stars like Uma Thurman, Nathan Lane, Will Ferrell, and Matthew Broderick, he can still be singled out as one of the more memorable actors in the film, owing to his notable, energetic rendition of "Springtime for Hitler".


He is the partner of British architect Scott Gill. They were joined in a civil partnership (a commitment ceremony which accords gay couples many of the same rights as heterosexual couples in the UK) to his longtime love, at a ceremony in Cardiff Bay on Wednesday 27 December 2006.


This video is reason enough, all by itself.

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