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  • Tony Hayward Expected To Step Down From BP

    The board is meeting in advance of Tuesday’s release of quarterly results, and the directors will weigh how best to confront or defuse criticism as the company unveils its best estimates of massive losses arising from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • NIH Scientists Advance Universal Flu Vaccine

    A universal influenza vaccine — so-called because it could potentially provide protection from all flu strains for decades — may become a reality because of research led by scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. In experiments with mice, ferrets and monkeys, the investigators used a two-step immunization approach to elicit infection-fighting antibodies that attacked a diverse array of influenza virus strains. Current flu vaccines do not generate such broadly neutralizing antibodies, so they must be re-formulated annually to match the predominant virus strains circulating each year. The research, led by NIAID scientist Gary J. Nabel, M.D., Ph.D., appears online ahead of print July 15 in Science Express. “Generating broadly neutralizing antibodies to multiple strains of influenza in animals through vaccination is an important milestone in the quest for a universal influenza vaccine,” says NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. “This significant advance lays the groundwork for the development of a vaccine to provide long-lasting protection against any strain of influenza. A durable and effective universal influenza vaccine would have enormous ramifications for the control of influenza, a disease that claims an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 lives annually, including an average of 36,000 in the United States.” In parallel experiments with mice, ferrets and monkeys, Dr. Nabel and his colleagues first primed the animals’ immune systems with a vaccine made from DNA encoding the influenza virus hemagglutinin (HA) surface protein. After being primed with DNA vaccine, the mice and ferrets received a booster dose of the 2006-2007 seasonal influenza vaccine or a vaccine made from a weakened cold virus (an adenovirus) containing HA flu protein. Monkeys were boosted with the seasonal flu vaccine only. This prime-boost vaccine stimulated an immune response to the stem of the lollipop-shaped hemagglutinin of influenza virus. Unlike HA’s head—which mutates readily, allowing the virus to become unrecognizable to antibodies—the stem varies relatively little from strain to strain. In principle, Dr. Nabel explains, antibodies generated against the stem of HA should be able to recognize and neutralize multiple flu strains. Although the DNA in the priming vaccine was derived from a 1999 circulating flu virus, all the animals made antibodies capable of neutralizing virus strains from several other years. Mice and ferrets produced antibodies not only against virus strains dating from before 1999, including a strain that emerged in 1934, but also against strains that emerged in 2006 and 2007. Moreover, although the prime-boost vaccines were both made from H1 subtypes of influenza A virus, the antibodies they generated neutralized other influenza subtypes, including H5N1 (avian influenza) virus. This indicates that a prime-boost strategy potentially could confer immunity to many or all subtypes of influenza A, says Dr. Nabel. In another set of experiments, the scientists measured how well the prime-boost vaccine protected mice and ferrets from infection with deadly levels of flu virus. Three weeks after receiving the boost, 20 mice were exposed to high levels of 1934 flu virus, and 80 percent survived. Mice receiving DNA only, seasonal flu vaccine only or a sham prime-boost vaccine all died. The researchers saw similar results when they tested several prime-boost combinations in ferrets, which are considered a good animal model for predicting flu vaccine efficacy in humans. All four ferrets that received a DNA prime-seasonal boost were protected from infection with a 2007 virus strain, while all six ferrets that received the DNA prime-cold virus boost combination were protected from the 1934 influenza virus. Collaborators on these studies included Terrence Tumpey, Ph.D., of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We are excited by these results,” says Dr. Nabel. “The prime-boost approach opens a new door to vaccinations for influenza that would be similar to vaccination against such diseases as hepatitis, where we vaccinate early in life and then boost immunity through occasional, additional inoculations in adulthood.” Trials of prime-boost influenza vaccines assessing safety and ability of the vaccine to generate immune responses are already under way in humans, Dr. Nabel adds. The information from the new research will be valuable in selecting candidates to move forward into large-scale trials, he says. “We may be able to begin efficacy trials of a broadly protective flu vaccine in three to five years.”

  • Kiss Mi Rass 4 (Wrong Number)

    Two pupets talk sexy to each other when the women puppet Susana calls the wrong number and likes the man(UNKOWN) does not want to talk to Susana. Susana is then offers to let the man have sex with her. Go to the link and look at my blog for more information

  • Gary Coleman Dies At Wrestling Match ! !

    Gary Coleman goes up in the middle of a wrestling match and beats the living shit out of a *professional* wrestler about two times his size. Then the wrestler Gary Coleman hit grabs a guitar and smashes him upside the head.

  • Brother Franklin Front Flips And Dances Funny Just To Give Offering

    Brother Fanklin at Hatian church goes up every Sunday and does a hilarious dance for about 10 minutes straight just to give offering. Luckily someone got it on tape. Brother Franklin did a front flip in church! ! ! and this time it is so funny it makes you cry even funnier than the doritos commercial pasted on my page.

  • Doritos Comercial- Keep Your Hands Off My Mamma And Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos

    A boys mom is going to be taken on a date. The mothers date comes to pick her up and gives her flowers. The mother introduces her son and her date. Then walks away, the date look and the sons mothers butt and the son saw and drops his controller. The date sits down then takes up a dorito from the boys bowl. The boy slaps the date and says,”Keep your hands my mamma and keep your hands off my doritos.

  • Bmx Crashes And Accidents Of 2006

    These are the bmx crashing videos of the year. This video is funny also it shows how much it hurts not to land a trick when your pro in pro Bmx riding. This video is kind of funny and if you feel like having a little chuckle then take a look.

  • Part Serious/ Part Hilarious Accidents

    This video part funny and part accidents are so bad it is sad. This video is a have to see this is so hilarious i cant even bare to watch. Some are just down right sad were you don ‘t want to see the next accident.

  • KIDS! ! Gone Wild

    A bunch of hilarious clips that were put together with kids going crazy with their parents. family members,and friends. You have to see this it is hilarious! ! !

  • Cops Bully Skateboarders - 21 June 2007

    ARRESTED - Jarad Graham, Drew Irwin, Matt McCormack, Skylar Nalls, Robbie Brindley and Carey Canterbury. A police officer in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was photographed actually choking a thirteen-year old boy before arresting him, and several others (which was captured on video), seemingly for… skateboarding. FOR MORE INFO CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE

  • Camelbac The Best Hydration Pack!!!

    Omega HydroTanium reservoir with stronger tensile strength and burst resistance. Reservoir features HydroLock, Big Bite valve and HydroGuard anti-microbial technology. Liquid Capacity 100oz. iI the best hydration pack and can be used for anything. Such as skate boarding, bmx, scootering, inline skating, and others. FOR MORE INFO CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE….

  • Skateboarders And Rent-A-Cop Throw Punches! ! ! !

    Tension is drawn when a skateboarder is jumping a double three stair set. Suddenly when a guard comes out of the blue and pushes him off his skate board and his whole posse of friend skate boarders come to defend him. Punches are thrown by the guard because he cannot restrain himself.

  • How To 360 Flip/Tre Flip:Watch This Video

    Powell team rider Danny Wainwright teaches how to 360 flip. Did you know that Danny holds the world record for the highest ollie? Click on the link above to see about how to tre flip/360 flip. This video shows you everything you need to know down to the ball flick of your foot

  • BMX Flatland Rider(CRAZY NICE !!!!)

    A clip of Simon O Brien doing flatland. Song -“Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section”. The video gets really good near the end. Do you think Simon O Brien is the best flatland rider?

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