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    Hannah Hart Gives Perfect Advice To Her Former Self

    "Take it from me, because I'm you, you're pretty great."

    As part of the YouTube #DearMe campaign for International Women's Day, YouTuber Hannah Hart gave some advice to her younger self:

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    Many viewers have been responding with their own #DearMe messages in the comments section:

    In her video, the My Drunk Kitchen star gave High School Hannah a list of things that are just not worth stressing over.

    For example, don't worry about how you look or how cool you are – you're going to figure it out:

    And don't stress about what you're "supposed to do" or "supposed to be" in life.

    Oh yea, and:

    She adds, "The sooner you can start loving yourself and forgiving yourself for you being exactly as you are, the better off you'll be."

    "Love, Hannah."

    Collective: "Awwwww." If you could give advice to a younger you, what would you say?