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You Can See The Evolution Of New York City’s Gay Bars With This Interactive Map

"OUTgoing: The Hidden Geography of NYC Gay Nightlife" is an ongoing project attempting to completely map out the history of the big apple's gay bars.

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Designer Jeff Ferzoco, with support from the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation, is creating an interactive map that attempts to visualize the evolution of gay bars and nightclubs in New York City.

The final goal? To map out the city's gay nightlife as far back (and as completely) as possible.

Here you can see the changes from 1960 to 2015:

The purple dots represent a currently operating bar while the orange represent historic establishments.

"From historic records, we’ve gathered nighttime spots – bars, clubs, bathhouses, coffee houses, cruising areas, late-night diners, etc – from 1890 to 2015. It is nowhere near complete," says the team behind the huge endeavor.

According to Sarah Kaufman, Assistant Director for Tech. Programs at NYU's Rudin Center, the map was developed by pulling data from historical books, old nightlife guidebooks, as well as anecdotes and verified crowdsourcing.

Via (Photo by Peter Keegan/Authenticated News / Getty Images)

Pictured above: A group, led by several people carrying an 'It's Time! National Gay Task Force' banner, marches up Sixth Avenue during the annual Gay Pride parade in New York City, June 29, 1975.

'We're also working to develop the map for San Francisco and other cities, eventually," she said.

Rich Maiman / AP

Pictured above: Uniformed city policemen stand outside the Mine Shaft, a gay bar which was shut down in Greenwich Village, New York, Nov. 7, 1985. It was the first move by the city against premises that allegedly permit "high-risk" sexual activity that can spread the AIDS disease.

NYU Rudin Center for Transportation

According to the project's data, the most hoppin' times for gay bars was in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. The numbers fall again in the early 1990s. Below you can see the points for 1991:

So, where are you going to go tonight? Check out the full map here.

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