13 Tips For Women Having Safe Sex With Other Women

    Because it's been a while since sex-ed.... oh wait, did they even cover this?

    1. Seriously, take it seriously.

    2. Know that all sexual activities are not created equal.

    3. Remember: Just because you're not having sex with men...

    ...doesn't mean you're not having sex with men?

    4. Dental dams – they exist!

    Fun Fact: If you happen to have condom laying around – perhaps from another time in your life or whatever – you can use that as well!

    See the steps here.

    5. Never underestimate the importance of nail maintenance.

    It's not only a courtesy for your partner, it's a safety issue. Any sexual activity that can lead to bleeding or cuts in the lining of vagina increases your risk, so keeping your nails trimmed will help avoid any unwanted (ouch) accidents.

    6. Speaking of hands: Wash them before, after – wash your hands as much as you can!

    7. That time of the month can increase the odds of transmitting various diseases.

    8. Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to toys.

    9. Sexual health isn't just about when you're getting it on. You should always know what's up, down there.

    10. GTTG: Go To The Gyno

    11. When in doubt, stay calm and get tested.

    The only way for you to know where you stand is to simply get tested. Find out where right here.

    12. Let's be honest, the best protection is having a frank and open conversation with your partner.

    13. Most importantly: Relax and have some fun.

    That's what sexy time is all about, right?

    Get more information on STDs/Sexual health here.