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20 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Any Queer Lady Say "Same"

*opens dating app* *closes dating app*

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1. When you were in that beautiful "figuring things out" period of your life and someone asked to borrow your phone:


2. When your mom, abuela, next-door neighbor, what have you, asks you that question:

3. When you have a crush on someone and can barely function in their presence:

4. When you're suffering through the online dating process:

5. Whenever you get hooked on a TV show with a queer character:

6. When some dude decides to be persistently stupid:

7. When you realize the truth in this beautiful progression:

8. *nods head furiously*

9. That time your parents taught you that maybe ignorance truly is bliss:

10. When coming out wasn't exactly what you expected:

11. Whenever you attempt the subtle art of flirting:

12. When some guy decides to open his mouth:


13. When you find out that, yes, it actually is her boyfriend in all those photos:

14. When you think you're ABOUT to MAYBE get a date:


15. When you couldn't be more single if you tried:

16. To reiterate: very, very single:

17. But your friends? They aren't single.

mmhm, same.

18. "Same."

19. Double same:

20. *looks at camera in the style of The Office*

S A M E.

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