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    Les Miserables Is For Everyone.

    Singing! Action! Steamy love affairs! "Les Miserables" has it all, plus it's a painless way to spend time with the relatives this holiday.

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    If the trailer wasn't enough here are a few more reasons.

    Live Singing

    Actors sing everything LIVE, and yes it is a big deal.

    Amazing Cinematography

    Its bigger and better - war scenes, slaves pulling huge ships, men on horseback!

    It's christmas, for your eyes people.

    Borat and Bellatrix

    You get to see the brilliance of Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as they play the roles of Thenardier and Madame Thenardier respectively. It's a pairing made in movie star heaven.

    Eddie (hearthrob) Redmayne

    If you haven't seen his face before, you are going to be seeing it a lot more often. He starred in "My Week With Marilyn" earlier this year and seems unstoppable. He is delightfully adorable and smokin' hot.

    The Whole Freakin Cast

    Am I getting my point across...the actors assembled are fabulous. What you didn't think Hollywood stars could sing? The cast features some veterans of the stage,such as Hugh Jackman, as well as some newcomers. Together they make up this amazing and fresh cast.

    Costumes Costumes Costumes

    Obviously the story is set in the early 1800's- so your outfits must fit. I don't know what will be more impressive ; the singing, sets, or costumes?

    Could Win Oscars ( All of them)

    There has been buzz that this film has the potential to SWEEP the Oscars this year, so if you don't see it well you are only hurting yourself. When everyone is discussing potential winners you want to be informed!