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    Why Birds Are The Best Bros

    There is no greater love in this world than that of your faithful feathered bro.

    Birds make great buddies, it's in their social nature.

    He will always have your back.

    When you're feeling down, count on him to crack open a beer for you.

    And of course, help you finish it.

    But like a good bro, he knows when to cut you off.

    And he takes the best drunk selfies.

    He knows your favorite toppings, because they're his favorite too.

    Even after a rough night, he is always ready to keep the party going.

    He doesn't mind listening to your lame stories over and over again.

    And he will always laugh at your corny jokes.

    He pulls pranks just to lighten the mood.

    He always lets you win. He's cool like that.

    He's always down to try new things.

    ...or just cruise around the neighborhood.

    Maybe share a burrito, why not.

    You can hang around for hours doing nothing at all.

    But when you're ready to go out, so is he.

    Plus he makes the best wingman.

    He claims biting your ex-girlfriend was a total accident.

    Sure it was...high five bro.

    He reminds you to never take life too seriously.

    He will stick with you through anything.

    Because that's what bros do.