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13 Things Every Single AF Lesbian Will Find On Her Phone

*Changes lock screen to Samira Wiley*

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1. Your phone background changes as swiftly as the seasons...

2. ...and your lock screen with your television watching schedule.

3. Sometimes it feels like your phone is going the extra mile to remind you just how single you are.


4. As if you need to be reminded of what awaits you inside most dating apps?

Hint: It's a field of misery, as far as the eye can see.

5. Some of your most recent texts should be printed, framed, and diplayed in some sort of museum.

6. Your countless post-date review sessions remind you that you are only single because you have ~standards~.

7. And there are some autocorrects you can't explain or reason for at all.

8. Whenever you go to open up a new web page, you're reminded of your late-night searches...

...and forced to try and forgive your former self:


9. Thank goodness for all the helpful apps keeping order in your life!

10. Though tbh, Google Maps proves useless when it comes to navigating what's truly important.

Sarah Karlan / Via Google Maps

Please fix this, Google. You have the power.

Hint: They are not at Webster Hall.

Hint: They are not at Webster Hall.

11. Saved in your photo roll are the best-of-the-best Snapchats that, in your opinion, were too hilarious to fade off into the ether:

(Maybe you Snapchat too much. This has nothing to do with being single.)

12. You deleted your Facebook app because, frankly, who has the time for this nonsense?

13. But Siri? She's always got your back.

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