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    What It Feels Like To Crush On A Straight Girl

    Every gay or bi lady knows — this is agony.

    It always starts out innocently enough, with a massive crush on some lovely lady.

    The chemistry is electric and instant — you're inseparable.

    Chemistry turns into downright constant flirting.

    And you start to think about all the lovely things you two could do together.

    That's when you find out she is straight.

    How it feels emotionally...


    ... and mentally.

    You may experience feelings similar to the five stages of grief:


    Symptoms include: Overanalyzing her alternative haircut.


    Symptoms include: Feelings of helplessness — you know the odds of both of you leaving the situation unscathed are slim to none.


    Symptoms include: Complete loss of perspective, even when — inevitably — you're reminded she's into dudes.


    Symptoms include: Lana Del Ray sob-alongs.

    Accept— okay, who are we kidding.

    Because everytime she looks at you...'re hooked right back in.

    Will we ever learn our lesson?

    Probably not.