What Is Your RuPaul IQ?

You’re born naked and the rest is this quiz.

    1. Youngstown, OH
    2. San Diego, CA
    3. St.Paul, MN
    1. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    2. Atlanta, GA
    3. Buffalo, NY
    1. Valentine’s Day
    2. New Years Eve
    3. Birthdays
    4. The 4th Of July
    5. Halloween
    1. “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”
    2. “Sister, Sister”
    3. “Walker, Texas Ranger”
    1. “The Brady Bunch”
    2. “Ugly Betty”
    3. Veronica’s Closet
    1. Oprah
    2. Etta James
    3. Diana Ross
    4. Janet Jackson
    5. Bette Midler
    6. Meryl Streep
    1. Class Clown
    2. Least Likely To Succeed
    3. Best Afro
    4. Best Dressed
    5. Most Likely To Succeed
    6. He didn’t win any
    1. “Let’s Turn The Night”
    2. “Shade Queen”
    3. “Stinky Dinky”
    4. “Jealous Of My Boogie”
    5. “Ladyboy”
    6. “Glamazon”
    1. “Funny Face”
    2. “Rear Window”
    3. “Singing In The Rain”
    4. “Some Like It Hot”
    5. “A Streetcar Named Desire”
    6. “Sunset Boulevard”
    1. Anything sweet
    2. A glass of whiskey
    3. Chinese take-out and beer
    1. A glass of wine
    2. Burnt Toast and Black Coffee
    3. Dark chocolate
    1. “The final decision is mine to make.”
    2. “In the great tradition of Paris is Burning, ‘Get out your Library Cards!’”
    3. “Hello Hello Hello!”
    4. “Good luck, and don’t f*** it up!”
    5. “Sashay, you stay”
    6. “No Tea, no shade”

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