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15 Coming Out Text Messages That Will Give You Life

We live in the modern age.

1. This spot-on coming-out advice:

2. This dad who understood that you can never take things...

...too far:

3. This unreal plot twist:

4. And this mother who had her priorities focused on more pressing matters:

5. This little tune:

6. This ride-or-die mama:

7. This friend who obviously skipped a few science classes:

Bismuth is a chemical element with 83 protons and its symbol is "Bi" — just FYI. The metal also has a fabulous rainbow coloration.

8. This dad who deserves ALL the awards:

9. This genius Friends reference:

10. This conversation where the roles were reversed:

11. This clever response:

12. This beautiful moment of Bro Love:

13. This friend who just kept it amazingly cool:

14. This ~surprise~ which was, apparently, sent to their dad:

15. And this stunning illustrated message: