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    What If Carrie Bradshaw Had Dated Women On "Sex And The City"?

    Someone recut Sex And The City into a queer television show, so now you can stop wondering.

    What if Sex And The City had been all about Carrie Bradshaw looking for Mrs. Right instead of Mr. Right?

    Well, Elisa Kreisinger carefully recut the first six seasons and posted this remix to YouTube to show just that:

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    Although the original remix was uploaded over a year ago, the video has recently resurfaced on this Reddit thread.

    Cue Miranda dishing out love advice in a power suit:

    On this version of the show, Carrie goes through all the same dating dilemmas as the original.

    The navigation of tense breakups:

    Adventures in awkward flirting:

    Blind date jitters:

    And, of course, the agony of heartbreak:

    It's genius, really.

    But, does she find THE ONE?

    Yes, she is still looking for THE ONE – that hasn't changed.

    Watch and find out!

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