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What Advice Would You Give Someone Planning To Have Top Surgery?

Doctor's appointments, insurance, and recovery — oh my!

When someone makes the decision to transition, part of that process can be social (letting people know what pronouns you go by or trying out a new wardrobe) and, for some, it can also involve medical interventions (surgery or hormone therapy).

For many trans or gender-nonconforming people, top surgery is a significant milestone on the road to living life as one's authentic self.

But, like any surgery, there are insurance papers to work through, risks to consider, and preparations to be made for recovery — it can all be pretty overwhelming.

So, we want to know how you prepared your mind — and body — for the big day, as well as how you made the most of your recovery period.

Maybe hitting the books and getting super organized helped you ease the anxiety and stress leading up to surgery day.

Type-A people, I'm looking at you. Maybe this helped you keep track of all the little things you needed to get in order. For example, what do you need to do the week before surgery? The night before? The morning of?

Maybe you made a master list of questions to discuss with your doctor, just so you fully understood the procedure.

Or maybe you scheduled a few extra appointments with your therapist in the weeks before.

And once you actually have surgery, the work isn't over yet — in fact, this is where it really begins.

And frankly, some of the steps on the road to recovery might have caught you by surprise.

Fill out this survey (anonymously if you prefer) and you could help any trans person out there who'd like to know more about the top surgery process from beginning to end.

The most helpful responses will be featured in an upcoming LGBT post!