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    Wedding Photos That Prove Two Brides Are Better Than One

    Double the brides, double the love.

    1. You know what they say: Everyone loves a bride.

    2. So why not multiply that love by two?

    3. Double the dips!

    6. Double the smooches.

    9. Double the magical moments.

    14. Double the cute.

    16. While we're at it, double the laughter.

    18. Double the heart-stopping moments...

    19. ...and the uplifting ones too.

    20. Double the photo ops.

    22. Cheesy wedding photos? Better with two ladies in them.

    23. That's just a fact.

    24. Sometimes in life, less is more.

    25. But when it comes to a bride?

    26. More is...well, more.

    27. Take it away, ladies!