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34 Perfect Tweets That Made Queer People Cackle Out Loud In 2017

* Laughs in gay *

Queer Twitter is the most hilarious, opinionated, and, yes, self-deprecating corner of Twitter around. And this year, we 👏 did not 👏disappoint.

And, let's be honest, these past almost-365 days were ~ a lot of something ~ so we all needed to laugh more than ever.

Here are the tweets that kept the LOLs coming during this dumpster fire year that we will remember as 2017:

1. This savage parental burn:

2. This understandable mixup:

3. This relatable tidbit:

straight girl: of course im an ally! i LOVE gay boys they're SO CUTE and im OBSESSED with so many gay ships haha!!…

4. The *ONLY* way "that's pretty gay" should be used in 2018/ever:

5. This specific jacket with that specific shirt:

the only outfit gay people wore in the 80's according to modern popular media

6. Just... this:


7. This childhood photo we can all relate to:

8. This "we've all been there" moment:

9. This cause-and-effect:

10. This Mom Moment for the ages:


11. This photo montage:

12. Rachel Ray just saying how it is:

13. This free bumper sticker idea:

14. *Deep breath* This:

15. And this flashback:

16. This biology lesson:

"Homosexuality doesn't occur in nature" then explain this

17. This moment of affirmation:

18. This very important milestone for any young queer person:

19. And this tearful monologue:

20. This epic glo up:

Twitter: @caitlincrowley_

And all the glo-up tweets that followed it.

21. This epic contribution from our Scottish friends:


22. That moment the 280-character limit hit:

Me attempting to draft up a good 280-character tweet to share with my friends:

23. And this observation:

If heterosexuals had labels like butch, femme, or andro:

24. This lil' bloop:

25. This on-point Pride outfit:

Thank you, @Lesdoggg, for providing the very best inspiration for my Pride dress this year.

Read more here.

26. This spooky gem that made us laugh... till we cried:

27. This childhood revelation:

cant believe I spent years thinking I really wanted to eat half melted ice cream bc of that scene in Jurassic Park…

28. And this knee-slapper:

29. Everything about this restroom photo shoot:

30. Any and all jokes relating back to the "In Front Of My Salad" meme:

really?? you're not gonna like me back? right in front of my salad???

31. Straight people, in general:

straight ppl: movies with gay people together shouldn't be allowed! Think of the kids!! also straight ppl:

32. The numbers that don't lie:

the straights: sToP mAKinG evERytHinG gAy

33. This brief counterpoint:

34. And this trivia question:

See you all out there in the 2018 feed!