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    We Asked People To Draw Where They Are On The Kinsey Scale And It Was Pure Art

    "I'm a 3 dressed up as a 1."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to illustrate where they fall on The Kinsey Scale, because sexuality is wildly confusing and interesting and fun.

    Note: The Kinsey Scale clearly does not address all possible sexual identities (the “purple-red” scale of attraction is another way to map out the sexual spectrum). It's also constructed to only reflect two possible genders — so yeah, it’s not perfect.

    1. Some people just know exactly where they belong:

    "A bi teenage girl with an inclination for males — but still would date a girl ;-)"


    2. But things can certainly change over time:

    3. And maybe there was "that one night":

    "Before grade 10, I was unfortunately extremely self-homophobic. I was fine with queer people on the whole, but horrified that I might be one myself. My best friend kissed me and everything changed. In fact, five years later, my (female) fianceé just asked me to marry her! So, I guess you could say I'm a hard 6."


    4. Maybe you already know what to expect in the future:

    "I see a lot of homosexuality in my future."


    5. For others, the scale just might not be expansive enough:

    6. Some proudly represented their asexual and aromantic identities:

    "I mostly thought I was strictly heterosexual, but just a 'late bloomer.' Then I realized I had no real interest in sex, so I identify as aromantic asexual."


    7. ~ X marks the spot~ :

    "Proud & happy cat-obsessed aro-ace!!"


    8. And bisexual folks marked their places proudly:

    "I knew I was bisexual early on, around the age of 14, but I was a lot more attracted to boys for a long time. At 19, I found myself finding more and more women attractive — more so than men. When I got older all I could think about was being with a woman, whilst being with a man at the time. So in short, I move around but I’ll always be bi. Women are too nice."


    9. If only your younger self could see you now:

    "I come from a conservative, religious, and fairly homophobic family — that really skewed my views on sexuality as I was growing up. My younger self would be pretty surprised at where I am now, but my current self is SO DAMN HAPPY with my life and who I am."


    10. Some people took a moment to point out that this scale is sort of BS:

    "From grape to apple on the fruit scale, where are you? See, not so logical now is it?"


    11. One brave soul even attempted to fix it:

    "It needs another dimension."


    12. For others, sexuality is fluid but bro status is forever:

    13. Some people pointed out that romantic and sexual feelings can be totally separate:

    "As an ace lesbian, I don’t exactly fall on the Kinsey scale. As unconventional as my identity might be, it shaped my life and experiences and I wouldn’t trade it for any other."


    14. For others, watching High School Musical changed everything:

    15. And some just said IDK and IDGAF:

    "The Kinsey scale is really outdated and inaccurate especially for queer non-binary individuals such as myself."


    16. Sometimes the world sees you as one thing, but you're really another:

    "I identify as bisexual and land somewhere between a 4 and a 5. Since I can present as straight, that’s what the world tends to see in me. When I actually tell people I’m bi, they think it’s exactly 50/50 because no one knows about the spectrum! But then there are days I wish I was completely gay, because I think it’d almost be easier."


    17. Because appearances can be deceiving:

    "I'm a 3 dressed up as a 1. In my 20s and I’m still trying to figure it all out!"


    18. Or maybe your number sort of depends on who you're around or where you are:

    "I have been up and down this scale over and over through my entire life. Some days I’m straight as anything, others I’m gay as balls. I’m 29 and I came out as bisexual last year. I’m quite comfortable with that, but I generally just refer to myself a big queer mess because it covers everything."


    19. The internet is a totally different world:

    20. One thing's for sure — it can be confusing.

    "I jumped from one extreme to the other, tried to find my place. It has been a journey, but I’m here! Preferences are okay, whichever way that preference is — it took me a while to accept that and feel comfortable with that. Bisexuality is valid in all its forms, and I love how I identify."


    21. After all, you're constantly learning about yourself:

    "In high school I genuinely believed that I was pretty straight, but I found that dating guys wasn’t as interesting to me as it was to my friends. I met a girl who I fell head over heels for, but I was too scared and unsure of my sexuality to tell her how I felt. Then, as I got older and more self confident, I became sure that men don’t interest me as much as women — and yet I'd still happily sleep with one. So here I am, pretty gay, but also a little straight, it may change but who cares I’m happy and that’s what matters."


    22. So, where do you fall?

    "In high school, I wanted a husband and kids. Now the very idea of intimacy with a man freaks me out. I love women, and I love women a lot!"

    At the end of the day, however you identify, it's nobody's choice but your own.

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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