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    We Asked People To Draw Where They Are On The Kinsey Scale And It Was Pure Art

    "I'm a 3 dressed up as a 1."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to illustrate where they fall on The Kinsey Scale, because sexuality is wildly confusing and interesting and fun.

    1. Some people just know exactly where they belong:

    2. But things can certainly change over time:

    3. And maybe there was "that one night":

    4. Maybe you already know what to expect in the future:

    5. For others, the scale just might not be expansive enough:

    6. Some proudly represented their asexual and aromantic identities:

    7. ~ X marks the spot~ :

    8. And bisexual folks marked their places proudly:

    9. If only your younger self could see you now:

    10. Some people took a moment to point out that this scale is sort of BS:

    11. One brave soul even attempted to fix it:

    12. For others, sexuality is fluid but bro status is forever:

    13. Some people pointed out that romantic and sexual feelings can be totally separate:

    14. For others, watching High School Musical changed everything:

    15. And some just said IDK and IDGAF:

    16. Sometimes the world sees you as one thing, but you're really another:

    17. Because appearances can be deceiving:

    18. Or maybe your number sort of depends on who you're around or where you are:

    19. The internet is a totally different world:

    20. One thing's for sure — it can be confusing.

    21. After all, you're constantly learning about yourself:

    22. So, where do you fall?

    At the end of the day, however you identify, it's nobody's choice but your own.

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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