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This Mom Re-Enacted Her Daughter's Coming Out And It's Perfect

A closet door is the only prop you need.

This mom re-enacting the moment her daughter came out as gay is every mom out there who didn't bat an eyelash at their child's coming out:

The original video, posted by 22-year-old Tumblr user Bri Johnson for Mother's Day, would soon be shared over 70,000 times in just a few days.

The video's caption reads: "My mom says this was how it was when I came out. I love her. She’s a minister everyone. Religion shouldn’t involve hate."

Johnson told BuzzFeed News that she first came out to her mother one year ago while completing military training in Texas.

Her mother was both very supportive and not at all surprised. "I said, 'Hey, Mom, I have to tell you something.' To which she responded, 'Is it something I've known for 22 years?' And I asked, 'Are you serious?' She was like, 'Are YOU serious? It's not a surprise, Bri.'"

Johnson didn't expect the video to spread so quickly. "We initially assumed this was going to stay on my Tumblr page. I only had, like, 200 followers. I don't usually even tag my posts," she said.

Johnson describes her 43-year-old mother, who is currently battling stage 4 bone cancer, as “really religious, a minister, and chaplain to the sick.” She also adds that her mom is, obviously, hilarious.

Takeaway message: Mother knows best, always!