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    Watch Lea DeLaria Of "Orange Is The New Black" Confront An Anti-Gay Preacher On The Subway

    "Don't come at me because I went to f*cking Catholic school for 12 years and I know every line," the actor shouted at a subway preacher in a video obtained by TMZ.

    A video posted by TMZ shows the Orange Is the New Black actor arguing loudly with a preacher on the subway in New York City Tuesday morning.


    "You have no right! Go to another train," the out actor, who plays "Big Boo" on the Netflix series, yelled in the video obtained by a passenger on the M train.

    "As long as you keep talking, I'll keep talking," shouted DeLaria.

    "Other people can believe other things and have every right to believe other things," DeLaria said in the footage.

    In a second video, the preacher references "the sin of homosexuality" as DeLaria continues to attempt to drown him out with her own yelling.

    Bottom line: Don't mess with DeLaria's commute.

    Correction: DeLaria took down this preacher on the M Train. An earlier version of this post stated the confrontation took place on the D train.