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    Video Footage Of San Francisco Pride Parades From 1970 To 1980

    That's a whole decade of fabulous.

    YouTube user Ronsfo has uploaded a collection of film recorded in the '70s of various San Francisco Pride celebrations:

    The 8mm film was taken by Charles Roseberry, an early gay documentary filmmaker.

    A few things that stood out to us from the stunning footage:

    Baton twirling was made into an art form:

    An. Art. Form:

    The floats were simply fabulous:

    The people on the floats were fabulous:

    The outfits couldn't have been topped:

    White tanks were in style:

    Along with blue jeans:

    Pigs hated brunch:

    Cracking open a nice cold Bud on the float was not only acceptable, but encouraged:

    As was bringing your own reptile:

    This tap troupe was the coolest:

    Everyone simply had a gay old time:

    A description of the film was published along with the video:

    This film is the work of my good friend Charles Roseberry, I have his written permission to post his work on my channel. Charles Roseberry is an early Gay documentary filmmaker in 8 mm and Super 8 mm work that was used in the opening sequence of old Castro Street in the "Milk" film. At 82, Charles is still practicing his talents as an film editor and videographer. This film will stir up those old Disco memories and get your blood pumping.

    Enjoy the full half-hour of wonderfully '70s pride:

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