U.S. Soccer’s Newest Out Player Has One Hell Of An Instagram Account

All hail Anton Hysèn, king of selfies.

1. This Summer, out Swedish soccer player Anton Hysén will join the Myrtle Beach Mutiny of the National Premier Soccer League.

2. It will be a few months until Hysèn hits the field, but he’s already SLAYING on Instagram.

3. The first thing you’ll notice is the strength of his selfie game.


4. The game is strong with this one.


5. Dare we say it, too strong.

6. He certainly isn’t shy about dressing up…


7. …or dressing down.

8. To be honest, he isn’t shy about anything.

9. Maybe he just understands that life isn’t supposed to be so serious all the time.


10. Right?

11. He proves, shot-by-shot, just how fashionable a footballer can be.


12. On and off the field.

13. I’m not sure what he is saying/singing/doing here – but I’m not mad about it.

14. We bow down to you, Anton Hysèn – king of selfies.

15. Exhibit A: The photobomb selfie.


16. Exhibit B: The goofy hat selfie.


17. Exhibit C: The puppy face selfie.

OK, one of these might actually be a puppy. Can you really tell though?


18. Check out his Instagram account here if you need further evidence.

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