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    Tumblr Proves That Singer George Michael And Princess Diana Are Actually The Same Person

    Maybe not, but the George Michael And Lady Diana Tumblr serves as definitive proof that these two at least had the same stylist.

    Princess Diana and singer George Michael are both cemented in history as legends in their own right.

    It has now come to our attention that they could be long lost twins — or actually the same person.

    Thanks to this Tumblr, which simply places similiar photographs of the two famous inviduals next to each other, our perceptions of reality are forever skewed.

    Seriously, have you ever noticed the overlapping taste in fashion?

    Not to mention the beautiful, flowing, and feathered hairstyle.

    Who wore the white evening ensemble better? It's hard to say.

    Our apologies, but now you will never be able to unsee it.

    Bless this Tumblr.

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