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    Transgender Student Denied Opportunity To Become Prom King

    Senior Issak Wolfe was excited to run for prom king this year at his Pennsylvania High School. Without warning, his name was placed on the wrong side of the ballot.

    18-year-old Issak Wolfe, a senior student at Red Lion High School, hoped to be elected king at his school’s prom later this year.

    Instead, the school's principal put Issak on the queen side of the ballot as a female.

    The York Dispatch reports:

    "Issak decided he wanted to run for prom king, complete with making flyers and posters. He said he double-checked with the prom committee and adviser, among others, that he would be listed on the ballot for prom king. With his friends around him last Wednesday in the cafeteria ready to vote, they realized his name was on the ballot, but on the wrong side. Issak was listed as Sierra Wolfe, prom queen candidate."

    “For a transgendered person, it is degrading to have that, and I wasn’t even warned,” Wolfe said.

    Red Lion Superintendent Scott Deisley (shown below), in a written statement on behalf of Shue and the district, declined to comment Tuesday morning, stating it would be best for the safety and well-being of Red Lion students to “respect our privacy in this matter.”

    His sister posted the story to her Tumblr:

    "I am from a small rural town in Pennsylvania. I have a brother Issak, who is transgender, transitioning from female to male. I am so proud at how far he’s come and the progress he’s made. His friends and family all love and support him, yet on a daily basis he faces the discrimination that comes with being transgender, especially in our high school. I remember Issak almost didn’t want to go to Prom his senior year because of the shit he might have to put up with. When I heard that he was going to Prom and running for Prom King I was so proud and happy for him. He had a lot of people of the senior class who would have voted for him, and he might have even won, except for one thing: the principal would not allow it. Mr. Mark Shue refuses to recognize Issak as male, as he “wasn’t comfortable with it.” Mr. Shue changed his name back to his birth given name Sierra and moved it back with the other girl’s names on the ballot. Issak is absolutely devastated and heartbroken. This is a major setback for all the progress he has made, and it is as equally heartbreaking for me as his sister. The principal, Mr. Mark Shue, is letting his own personal beliefs and bigotry interfere with his job. This is an injustice and it is pure discrimination. I am personally outraged, as well as my parents, who want to take this as far as the law will go. So see you in court Mr. Shue!"

    Issak's girlfriend, Taylor Thomas, posted to Have A Gay Day on Facebook, and the post quickly gained over 30,000 likes.

    "I would like an apology, at a minimum," Issak said. "I wasn't given a fair opportunity. I mean, if I don't win, I don't win... but I'm not a queen."

    According to the York Daily Record, the school district has issued a statement saying: "for the safety and well-being of the students at RLASHS, the family, staff and administration ask that you respect our privacy in this matter."