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Trans Women Carmen Carrera And Laverne Cox Handle A Cringeworthy Interview With Katie Couric Flawlessly

"Your private parts are different now, aren't they?" SMH.

On Monday, transgender model Carmen Carrera and Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox made an appearance on ABC's Katie hosted by Katie Couric.

First up, Model Carmen Carrera discussed her quest to become the first trans Victoria's Secret model.

The interview took a plunge toward cringeworthy as Couric began to focus solely on Carrera's transition.

At one point as Couric introduced Carerra, she said that “she was born a man and that’s why she’s on our show.”

Carrera handled everything perfectly.

Even when Couric began to ask increasingly invasive questions.

And that's when Couric actually let this sentence leave her lips:

*Oh, she went there.*

Carrera handled it in three easy steps:

1. The shushing.

2. The shutdown.

3. The teaching moment.

Carerra calmly explained that there are many things she would rather discuss besides her transition.

Actress Laverne Cox then joined the conversation to discuss her role on OITNB...

...but, before long Couric directed the conversation back toward transitioning.

*Why, Katie? Why?*

Laverne, the floor is all yours.

Any other questions?

Watch the whole segment here.