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People Think This Student’s Tweet About Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Is Too Pure For This World

"This is the future I want."

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This past weekend, Julissa Emile, a 19-year-old student at Wheelock College in Boston, attended a collegiate poetry slam competition in Chicago with her school's slam team.

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This was Emile's (pictured above on the left) first year attending the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, a weekend-long event that is held each year.

During some downtime from the competition, Emile and a few friends gathered in a gender-neutral restroom to take some selfies. She shared a series of the photos on Twitter, and the tweet spread like fire in the following days.

Twitter: @QueenIdle

"A gender neutral bathroom but every time I take a picture more queer people get in the photo," she captioned the photoset.


The combination of the selfies and the caption clearly spoke to people. The tweet, which is based on a popular meme, reached over 20,000 retweets by Monday morning.

According to Emile, all the students in the photo do identify as queer.

"Personally, I think gender-neutral bathrooms are a necessity," she said. "Everyone deserves the right to exist in a public space."

The bathroom was located inside a university building at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where the slam competition was being hosted.


"I never really expect my tweets to blow up, but they do so often now that I'm not really surprised," said the student, who currently has over 20,000 followers on Twitter. She shared many of the responses to her viral tweet on her own feed.

But some responses to the tweet were not positive. "So many people said so many homophobic, transphobic, and racist things to us," she said. "Why? People literally have gender-neutral bathrooms in their own homes. What's the big deal?"

Emile hopes that people who see her tweet remember that it is “absolutely possible” for people to coexist without violence, “especially in a situation that’s so simple as just going to the bathroom.”

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"Everyone should have access to public bathrooms without having violence inflicted on them," she concluded.

Sarah Karlan is the Deputy LGBT Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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