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Cara Delevingne And Annie Clark Are Simply Too Perfect

UGH, MY EYES! It's too much.

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In a recent Vogue article, model Cara Delevingne finally confirmed what we all could only dream of — that she's in a relationship with Annie Clark, better known as goddess St. Vincent.

Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Shield your eyes from their perfection — it is too bright for our mere mortal eyeballs.

Bringing Brownstein into this might be in poor taste, but the GIF was too perfect. ANYWAY.

Despite the couple's efforts to ~play it cool~, Tumblr users had their number a long time ago:

And their Twitter exchanges went from mysterious to not-so-subtle real fast:

😘 “@st_vincent: I just made a "reservation for one at 8 PM" and I feel great about it.”


But now? Now we can rejoice and look on in awe of these otherworldly women and whatever forces brought them together.

Cara is, in three words: badass...

...a stone-cold weirdo....

...and (probably) not of this earth.

Annie Clark, it just so happens, is also the epitome of badass...

...and definitely not of this earth.

They should probably just start a band and take over the world.

Or, ya know, continue being just the most adorable couple in existence.

In the meantime, a girl can dream — right?

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